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Waibins | Waste services

Brand design, Marketing, Social media

4,532 new visitors in the first 3-months.

92,000 website sessions since launch.

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Seeing potential in every wrapper, apple core, and cardboard box is the low-cost, local waste management company Waibins.

Determined to shake things up and out-do the competition, we were tasked with creating a disruptive marketing launch campaign in the Wairarapa. We sparked conversation by posting incentivising promotions, creating stand-out online digital messages, and developing seamless online ordering processes. Partnering from the start, we were able to build a brand that resonated with its audience, giving quirk and good ol’ kiwiana humour. 

Following on from the success of the launch we have continued to drive sales through an online order wizard, building stronger brand recognition with regular social media campaigns and targeted text and display Google Ads.

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