We are excited to bring you our PS/careplans.

Why? The complex, evolving technological landscape of today continually poses a challenge for anyone who wants to maintain and protect their digital investment – their websites.

It is also important to keep your websites performing at a high level to meet customer expectations - for most of our clients their website is the shop front.

The diagram below highlights how you can protect your investment over a longer time period.



With little to no maintenance your website becomes a heightened risk to your business, in particular, the risk of security (e.g. external hacking) and reputation (e.g out of date content/navigation/design with inaccurate client messaging and low engagement). 

By combining maintenance (security, monitoring, and reporting) with performance (optimisation, user experience, minor improvements) your website will deliver more for your business year upon year. A sustainable solution for your digital presence. 

Your Plan

The PS/careplans have been designed to check your website and identify risks and areas for improvement. All checks are reported directly to you via email. Any further actions required are quoted upfront. Keeping it nice and simple.

We understand that every organisation has a different risk tolerance and each website serves a different purpose. This is why we have plans that align with the diversity of organisations we work with.

If you're unsure about what makes sense for your website and organisation? Go to our handy guide.


A half-yearly review to keep you informed of the status quo.

  • Basic software, host, and record checks. 
  • Software updates covered in a maintenance plan

Frequency: 6 Monthly Check

Basic but better. Additional areas are reviewed with more regularity.

  • Includes all checks that come with Basic
  • Plus three common issue checks that are altered every 6-months to remain relevant and focused on emerging technical changes.

Frequency6 Monthly Check

For websites that need to be top of their game and need a little more attention.

  • Includes all checks that come with Basic+
  • Plus a general health and page quality audit for identifying areas to enhance website performance.

Frequency: 3 Monthly check

All hands-on deck. Completely customisable to meet your business needs.

  • Includes all checks that come with Performance
  • Plus choose from the areas that align with your website and business requirements,
    • Security
    • Monitoring
    • Reporting
    • Optimisation
    • Marketing
    • Experience

Frequency: 3 Monthly Check, plus custom checks & reports

Getting the most out of your website

The Careplan Guide

A question we often get asked is, how much should I invest in the ongoing costs of my website? 

Investing the right amount helps to protect your investment and ensures your website continues to meet your objectives and delivers value. We recommend thinking about the following areas and statements to identify the right balance for you. 

The key areas most commonly reviewed after a website has been launched are as follows,



[security, monitoring, and reporting]

Consider why you have a website. Is it a central channel to engage with your customers, or used for a different purpose entirely? What is the risk to your business if your website goes down, and you are not notified?

At a starter, a smaller website will take 1-2 hrs per month based on 3-4 software updates per year, supported by a simple monitoring and reporting tool for early notification of any issues.


Improvements and Accessibility

[optimisation, usability, experience, and content]

Consider who your audience is, how important is it for them to access information on your website and how easy might it be for them to find? How often do you freshen up this information?

When your website goes live it’s likely the information will be well organised and thought out, this can be maintained by 4-6 monthly reviews, running the website through usability benchmark tools like google lighthouse.


Promotion and Marketing

[SEO/Google searchability, analytics]

Consider how your existing customers find your business? Do you need that little bit extra to push your business to the front when prospective customers are looking for what you offer?

The ongoing promotion of your business through your website is something our marketing team can help teach you or do this work for you. If you are looking to achieve a particular target, with messaging and engagement this might look like 2-3 days per month. For longer term growth plans it could be as little as a few hours each month. 


Let's find the right plan for you.