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Igniting potential in organisations, teams, and individuals worldwide is, Team Management Systems (TMS).

Translated in 20 languages, with over 24,000 accredited facilitators and one profile being processed every 10 minutes TMS has a big audience to keep happy and a 38+ year legacy to share.

TMS asked us to take their hugely successful and well-known global brand and reposition it in a modern world. We harnessed our team's design and technical expertise, bringing our traditional brand experience to modern responsive digital design. The new design palette injected energy and the confident use of colour helped connect TMS back to its roots.

With changes successfully carried out across their Australian website and other key online platforms, we were also trusted with the refreshed design of the TMS Global product platform. The refresh was bold and confident and drove a marked increase in client satisfaction and end user experience scores.

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TMS has had the privilege of collaborating with PS/digital for over 5 years, and their design acumen has played a crucial role in shaping and elevating our digital brand. 

Kirsty Allen

Managing Director | TMS Global

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