Why we use Google for search

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The 6 reasons why people use search!

Most of the time when we need to know something, without thinking twice, we reach to our device and ‘google’ our query and up pops multiple answers and related sites within a matter of seconds. There are 6 main reasons why people use search - check them out below!

1. Entertain me. 

People love using Google to find funny videos and pictures for their entertainment. Finding exactly what you are after can take a wee while, but whether you search through images, articles or just the general search - you are bound to find something entertaining and different to what you expected to find. That’s the beauty of it! 

2. Thrill me.

Want to quickly know who won the Rugby World Cup in 2011? Or the current world population? Google always has the answer at your finger tips - it's perfect for being sneaky at quiz nights!    

3. Impress me. 

Google search helps influence and win over customers. It helps bring up what you are looking for based on specific phrases. It’s pretty amazing how accurate it is in determining what you are looking for with little effort! 

4. Educate me.

Consumers use Google to see what people are saying about a product or service before they buy it. This process may be a bit more extensive, but once they have found enough information to be convinced they’ll follow through with the transaction (or not!).

5. Reassure me.

Ever been in a tricky situation and need some answers? People use Google as they feel like they are asking a trusted and confidential source. Google can provide follow up questions, so you can define what you’re looking for even further. 

6. Help me. 

It's your best friend when it comes to needing directions to the nearest supermarket or looking for a phone number to book an appointment. Google is the number one tool for giving you this information instantly and efficiently. Goodbye telephone books and paper maps!