When is the best time to launch an e-mail campaign?

Timing is everything right? Check out out recommendations.

Timing is everything right? While everyone seems to have their own opinions on optimal send times and days when it comes to launching email campaigns, at the end of the day it’s subjective and depends on your audience. However, there are a few common trends that could be useful if you’re just starting out or want to increase your open rate.

As a whole, sending an email campaign in the middle of the day between Tuesday - Thursday is a great starting point as people like to check their email on a break and have cleared their emails from the morning. Monday and Friday are commonly the two busiest meeting days and people aren’t checking their emails, hence why Tuesday- Thursday are more successful launch days.

As mentioned above, it really is subjective to your industry and subscribers. For example, tech-focused people and millennials are very active on their phones in the evenings so scheduling an email campaign in the evening can be very effective. Typically Friday’s have a low open rate, however if you’re in the entertainment or hospitality industry then Friday can be one of the most effective days to send out special offers and fun things to do over the upcoming weekend.

Top ways to help with open rates.

  • Be sure to have a subject line that stands out. If your subject line isn't enticing, punchy or informative then the content in the email is wasted as your potential customer wont even get that far!
  • Don't send too many emails! No one enjoys being nagged all the time, so be wary of that! Limit the number of emails you send. 
  • According to Campaign Monitor, 42% of first opens are made on a mobile device, so it's critical that your email is mobile- friendly.
  • Video emails get 96% higher CTR's than non-video emails. To learn more about video content then check out my latest blog here.


Sorry to break it to you, but unfortunately there is no simple answer for when the best time to launch an email campaign is as it's so different for each industry, business and subscriber list. However, we're here to assist and offer our expert advice for your business. Get in touch if you'd like to learn more and how to get the best open rate for your email campaigns.