Tis the season for marketing tips

Using social media to create a buzz about your business over the festive season.

Wow, what a busy year! Christmas is only 4 weeks away, which means that people are starting to use social media to create a buzz around their business. This is the perfect time to reconnect and thank your customers and clients for their loyalty over the past year.

Below are a few festive marketing tips that should help you stay in the good books with everyone and make your loyal supporters feel special.

Start now! - There is no time like the present, so make sure you start your Christmas campaign by early December so your loyal supporters have a month to utilise and enjoy your generosity - whether it is a special Christmas offer or a daily giveaway prize - it is essential to start early.

Christmas brand image - Get into the Christmas spirit by adding in some festive imagery to your website, Facebook and Twitter pages. It may seem a bit ‘tacky’ but no matter what age you are, everyone loves to see a bit of mistletoe and tinsel to kick start the festivities.

Promotional offers or codes - Be ahead of the game if you are offering a special deal or discount by making sure you have set up a tracking system in Google Analytics to see where your customers have come from. At the end of the Christmas period you can then track which channel was the post popular and successful.

Christmas hashtagging (#) - Come up with a unique festive hashtag that your followers on Twitter can use to connect with you and others. For example #plasticstudioxmastips - if people retweet and use our hashtag they will have access to seeing one-off tips on how to utilise their website over the Christmas period and it also gives the follower an opportunity to share their tips. This concept can also be turned into a ‘feel good’ campaign by donating to a charity leading up to Christmas e.g #Christmasbox - this is a service to help underprivileged families over Christmas.

Facebook sharing - People love to share their Christmas shopping tips and Christmas recipes, so take advantage of it and start a conversation on Facebook where people share their answers. If you pair the question with a giveaway and ‘boost’ the post to widen the reach it will not only result in one happy person winning a prize but your business page will look nice and healthy with many more ‘likes’ leading in to the new year.

Old friends - The last tip (and probably the most important) is don’t forget about your old and most loyal customers. Remind them that you are still there and perhaps offer them a more generous discount or write them a personalised card to make them feel EXTRA special. They are the ones who have stuck by you, so be sure to share your festive love with them. A little goes a long way!

I hope the festive marketing tips are helpful to your business leading up to Christmas. Just remember that Christmas is a time of giving so be sure to make your clients and customers feel appreciated by offering a 'sweetener' where possible and a big heart-felt THANK YOU!