Tips to stay in front of your customers

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Now more so than ever it’s essential to keep your company’s communication lines open in these challenging times we are all facing.


Now more so than ever it’s essential to keep your company’s communication lines open and be proactive in these challenging times we are all facing. Not only within your strategy and processes, but through your marketing channels. Your company needs to stay visible to your customers during COVID-19 and with a huge spike in internet users over the last week, you have a captive audience (probably more so than ever)!

Prioritising what is most valuable to your business, loyal customers & clients and adjusting your strategy is a great place to start! Here’s a few suggestions that could help:

Be kind to your existing customers.

Everyone knows that maintaining great relationships with current clients is easier than finding new ones! The same goes for the current situation, chances are your customers are relying on you more than ever to provide up to date information and how your business will continue to operate. Keep the communications lines open and offer your services to help clients in any way you can. This will work in your favour too! Run live streams and encourage two-way conversations on your channels. Be available for a chat - whether that’s via the phone or a video call!

Share the love. 

Spread the love and create happy content. A great way to do this is through sharing testimonials and positive work stories. People currently have more spare time, which means they are more likely to answer a few questions about their experience with you. This is also great for future business and networking with potential clients. Plus content that isn’t just news-related is great for standout! Bonus: Get a personal message from your CEO / head of the business to show that your company really does care at all levels.

Work ‘on’ your business.

Use this time to make positive changes within your own business. Review your website and social media channels to see what could be made better. Are there any areas that you haven’t explored yet? Check for any out of date information that could do with a refresh!

We are all set up working remotely and are 100% operational,  please reach out if there is anything we can do for your business, we are always keen for a chat.