The Weight of Engagement for Social Media.

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Build up genuine relationships and watch your leads and sales grow with our recommended tactics.

In the past, the number of followers a social media business page had was considered a significant measure of success. Having a high follower count was almost like a badge of honour which made checking the number of followers quite addictive (I remember it well!) However, times have changed, and the emphasis has shifted. Nowadays the focus is more on nurturing a community of quality followers and sharing content that resonates with your fans, encouraging meaningful engagement. Quantity is no longer the sole determining factor; it's about fostering valuable connections and interactions with your target audience.

Increasing engagement and having meaningful conversations requires a bit of thought and planning but by following our recommended tactics listed below you should start to see a better return on ad spend, build up genuine relationships and watch your leads and sales grow.


1. Consistency is key: Posting regularly and at optimal times is an important way to get in front of your audience as they're scrolling their newsfeed. Following a schedule will help keep you on track and avoids any irrelevant or “fill in” posts.

2. Share high quality content: Sharing content that is informative, relatable and relevant with clever creative is a great way to capture the attention of your audience and will encourage them to engage with your posts. People love reading content that resonates with them, whether it's funny, clever or thought-provoking.

3. Two-way conversations: People don’t just use social media for a one-way conversation. They’re looking to be part of a “tribe” and build a genuine relationship where they feel valued. Encourage your followers to share their thoughts and tag their friends by running giveaways, asking questions and conducting polls. Remember - it's important to respond to messages and questions within 24 hours - this avoids your followers getting frustrated and potentially going to a competitor.

4. Share happy customer testimonials and stories: It's an effective way to humanise your brand, build credibility and increase sales. Testimonials can be taken from your Google reviews, Facebook ratings or positive feedback sent directly from a customer.


Put simply, the 'Weight of Engagement' metrics table below shows the power of a like, click, share and comment for your business. So remember to be active, genuine and responsive when it comes to engaging with your audience and enjoy watching your business thrive online.



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