The 'must have' tool

Find out about this amazing conversion optimising tool.

I first stumbled upon this amazing conversion optimising tool while I was doing some 'website optimising' research, and there has been no looking back since…

Lucky Orange is an excellent addition to Google Analytics. It’s an easy to use, all-in-one tool which optimises your website and provides you with full insights in to what your visitors are doing on your site and helps identify any issues in your conversion process. 

How Lucky Orange benefits your business.

Below are the 6 main features of Lucky Orange. Read on to find out more…

Dashboard - this is a high level overview (similar to ‘real-time’ in Google Analytics) where you can see how many people are on your site, where they have come from and from which county.

Heatmaps - they provide visual representation of what visitors are doing when they go onto your website - this is tracked through mouse clicks, movements and scrolls. The heat refers to the amount of action on a particular area of a page - the warmer the colour ( red, yellow, white) the more action is happening, the cooler the colour ( purple, green blue) the less action on the page.

Polling system - This helps you create real time polls to collect feedback and suggestion data from visitors that come onto your site. A poll is also a quick way to gain customer input with out having to ask too many questions or send out surveys. Also great as a form for lead generation!

Form analytics - this lets you easily identify problem areas on any form you have and help you understand user behavior while filling out forms on your site.There are the 5 reports that can be pulled...

  • ABANDONMENT REPORT: This helps you to see which fields visitors last type in before abandoning the form.
  • TIME TO START REPORT: In this report, you get to know how long it takes on average for visitors to start a form.
  • TIME TO COMPLETE: You need to know how much time your visitors take to complete each field on your forms. Some fields take more time and may result in high rate of abandonment.
  • ORDER REPORT: This will help you understand the average order in which visitors fill out your form. You will be able to see if visitors fill out the form in the order you have it laid out, or in a different order.
  • REPEAT FIELDS: This report will show you which fields are often repeated by visitors.
    Now with these reports, you are able to optimise your forms, improve your submission rate and of course increase your ROI.

Chat system - The live chat system is one of the tools that makes Lucky Orange unique. It gives you the ability to help your visitors in real time. Another benefit of  the chat system is that it allows chat operators to see visitors’ screen live so as to better assist them. A bonus is that you can customise the colors and text of the chat widget to match the look and feel of your site.

Visitor recording - this works kind of like a spy camera… it quietly captures and records every movement of someone on your site – clicks, mouse movements etc.The recorder provides useful data like how much time the visitor spent on your site, where they came from, how they navigated your site and which pages they visited. You can pause, play, and skip activity and jump to any page of the visitor's session.

As you can see, Lucky Orange is a pretty impressive tool and with its wizardy work can track, record and measure pretty much everything that happens on your site, providing you with a clear understanding of what is (and isn't!) working. It’s like magic!

We can install this amazing tool onto your website and run through a 1-hour demonstration for $290 +gst. The on-going fee is approximately NZD$15 (USD$10) per month. Please get in touch if you'd like to proceed. I promise it’s worth it!