The importance of a customer journey map

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Benefits for doing a ‘customer journey map’.

An important aspect to a successful website and marketing strategy is getting the customer journey right. A ‘customer journey map’ allows us to see how a user will interact with the website from their point of view. It helps us take a step back and pull together all the information about what your user needs and wants to experience from both a marketing and website perspective. 

Customer journey maps are a visual representation that can be used as a reference point by any of the team members involved in the project from start to finish. The map will naturally evolve as the project develops and as we start to understand the audience better. It provides the most efficient and effective experience for both the client and the team running the project. 

Through collaboration with the client, the design and development team get valuable insights into common headaches to improve the user’s experience on the website and create actionable goals. From a marketing perspective, it ensures that you are meeting the user at every touch point they make with your brand online, so you can track and look to predict their behaviour to turn them into a lead. 

Here at PS, we enjoy creating our customer journeys in the form of sticky notes and sharpie on a wall, before translating these into a digital format to keep for life. As creative humans, we prefer having something tangible to work with and move around as we go (don’t forget the different coloured stickies!)

Once you know what your user journeys are, you can use this to implement marketing automation processes. We’re looking forward to soon being accredited with ActiveCampaign, a digital automation platform specialising in CRM, sales and marketing. 

If you have a project that you’d like us to map out or if you are interested in how our process works, get in touch with our team today! We’d love to work with you.