Staying cyber safe in 2022

03 22 PS security Blog

We know it’s important to stay safe online, but do you know how?


We know it’s important to stay safe online, but do you know how? With Cybercrime at an all time high, now is the time to protect yourself and your devices.

There is no silver bullet to prevent a cyber attack, but there are easy measures you can put in place to protect yourself in the digital world.

Below are our top 5 recommendations for staying safe online:

1. Make sure you use different passwords for all of your accounts. Secure your log in's with a strong password that has a mix of upper and lower case characters and symbols, and remember to change it regularly to avoid a scammer gaining access. Here at PS/ we use '1Password' which is a secure tool for safely storing all our passwords. Having trouble keeping on top of all your passwords? Check it out here.

2. Double check that all of your devices and apps are up to date with the latest version of technology.

3. Enable multi-factor authentication for all your online accounts. We know this can be a tad time consuming but it's super important for remaining super secure online!

4. Delete spam emails immediately! We know it can be tempting to click ‘unsubscribe’ or 'block', however these actions will show the spammers your email is active, and encourage them to send more emails. We recommend to mark them as 'spam' and delete!

5. Always backup your data. Either to an external drive or a cloud service. This will avoid data loss or corruption!

If you're still feeling uneasy after digesting our top 5 recommendations, then please reach out and our team of tech experts will help get you secure online!