Social media ch-ch-ch-ch-changes

03 22 PS TC Changes Blog 1

Here is the latest news that is making waves in the social media world.


Just like Bowie once did, social media platforms are constantly adapting and creating new iterations to better meet the needs of their audiences. Here is the latest news that is making waves in the social media world.

  • Instagram has introduced a ‘like’ quick reaction button to Stories allowing users to respond with a simple click of the heart symbol. It’s unclear at this stage how this functionality will impact your pages’ engagement stats compared to the existing response emojis, but any interaction is a good thing when it comes to getting your content seen by more people!
  • Speaking of the Gram’, they have recently rolled out automatic captions to feed videos making your content more accessible, as well as easier to consume when having the sound on isn’t convenient for users (no more excuses for playing videos through a tinny phone speaker on the train!).
  • TikTok is launching functionality to allow users to upload 10-minute videos. Whether this will see the fast-moving platform compete more directly with YouTube is yet to be seen, but watch this space!
  • LinkedIn has launched a podcast network, giving professionals a one-stop-shop for business and career focussed audio content. Check it out here.
  • Lastly Facebook has renamed its ‘News Feed’ to ‘Feed’ in a move which seems to be in response to their, at times, troubling history with distributing news stories (fake news anyone?).

That’s all folks! And if you’re keen to find out more about the latest social media changes and trends why not enter the draw to win a Digital Marketing workshop with us? Sign up here.