Rethinking Mobile Navigation Placement

Is it time to put mobile navigation at the bottom of the phone?



There have been studies done that show a lot of mobile users rely on a thumb to navigate around on their phone, and with mobile phones growing in size, the thumb can not reach all areas of the screen.

Common apps such as Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat already display navigation at the bottom, so why don’t we look to put the navigation at the bottom of websites on mobile devices?

There is a discussion about the pros and cons of bottom mobile navigation. As we design and build websites, we constantly think about how the user will use the site and therefore we need to ensure that the user's interaction with the mobile navigation is accessible, agile and polished. Is this the way of the future for mobile navigation?

I believe it is because whether you are a UX designer, web developer or user of a website, we are all wanting the best experience when visiting a website. Content heavy sites would benefit from bottom navigation to save the frustration of having to scroll to the top, save valuable time and keep users on the site.

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