Responsive Mobile Layouts

Creating a mobile-friendly website is just as important as your desktop site.

With a growing importance of a mobile-friendly website, people often tend to make the mistake of offering your mobile users a cut-down version of your desktop site. Not only does this mean you have to fund the development of two separate websites, but maintaining content can be a nightmare!

Enter Responsive Layouts, where your website shimmies content around to fit nicely within the screen of whatever device you pick up. Not only does it eliminate the ‘content duplicate’ issue, but it makes for a much more engaging and user-friendly experience. Watching people explore a responsive layout by rotating their iPad or phone to alter the view can be quite an interesting experience.

To illustrate how a responsive layout works, we have developed a demo web page. Have a play by resizing your browser window (or if you’re on a mobile device, rotate). Click the button below to start exploring!