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Read our top tips for spreading the Christmas cheer, and keeping your followers engaged over the silly season.


As we head into December (YAY) it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll wrap up 2022 and interact with your social media followers over the silly season. Not sure where to start? No worries! Read our top tips for spreading the Christmas cheer, and keeping your followers engaged over the silly season.

Start yesterday. Just like getting your Christmas shopping done and dusted early, the best time to plan and schedule social content for December is in mid November. Get ahead and plan out your content now, so you can relax later and your feed doesn’t turn into a Christmas stocking (stuffed with unnecessary filler content). 


Get festive and ‘decorate’ your brand. December is a great time to play around with the ‘look and feel’ of your brand, so add a festive element to your social media profile picture and cover image and create some awesome seasonal graphic content to keep your followers engaged and entertained. Remember, we celebrate Christmas in summer, so try to avoid snowflakes and winter fireplaces.


Be your’elf. Give your followers a break from sales-based ads this month (they'll already be getting enough of this during December) and share authentic content to connect with your audience. We’re talking BTS office pics or snaps from the company Christmas party.


Christmas is a Claus for celebration. The holidays are the perfect opportunity to reflect, so don’t forget to celebrate and say thanks to your followers for their loyalty and support! A simple ‘thank you’ post, or a wee giveaway does wonders to boost engagement and make your tribe feel special. 


Keep your followers in the loop. Let your followers know your company's 'out of office' dates, and when you’ll be open for business over December and January.


Marketing for all is marketing for none. You’ve got a specific kind of audience right? Make sure you’re catering your December content to them - find out if your audience loves or dislikes Christmas, if they’re working over the holidays, or if they’ve got some time off. The more you learn, the better you’ll connect with them.


Wrap up your 2022! Before you all clock off for the Chrissy break, share your business and staff highlights to remind your clients and followers of all of the awesome things you have achieved during the year. A clever graphic (perhaps a team snap from your Christmas party) or short video is a great way to showcase your year. Promote this on your social media and personalise it to your clients via email.


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