Our 5 easy Linkedin tips

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Why we believe everyone should be part of the wonders of Linkedin!


Linkedin is the best platform for growing and maintaining your professional network which is why we believe everyone should be part of the wonders of Linkedin! It’s an easy way to keep tabs on your network as well as build new connections. Linkedin shows off your skillset, will help you find your dream job and enhance your professional reputation by sharing industry-related updates and interacting with other people.

Below are our 5 top tips to help enhance your profile and voice:

  • Add a profile picture. You are more likely to have your profile viewed if you actually have a photo. Make it your professional (not personal) best, so no selfies or animal filters please!
  • Grow your network. Start by adding at least one person each week. Don't be shy, you don't need to know them personally so start connecting! You can build a relationship with mutual connections, folks in your field, and even your greatest role models.
  • Engage! Don't just look, get active! Like, comment and share. Your activity will be noticed and so will you. Also remember to endorse people’s skills and congratulate them.
  • Review and maintain the most important areas of your profile. Focus on your title and writing a show-stopping bio. It’s a great way for people to get to know you quickly!
  • Customise your URL to boost your profile. Linkedin gives you a default URL but by customising it, you will look like a savvy user and people will be able to find you easier! This can be updated by going to the top right of your profile and clicking on ‘Edit public profile & URL.’ 

The tips above are just a handful to get you started!

If you or your organisation want to learn more how Linkedin can benefit both your personal and business growth then please get in touch - we’d love to help! We also run a Linkedin training which has helped many of our clients boost their Linkedin knowledge.