Is your brand in need of a content refresh?

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Tips on how to boost your engagement.

Social media performance has its highs and lows. One week your post has high engagement and reach, but the following week your numbers have dropped rapidly even if your strategy hasn’t changed. This is a common frustration shared by all marketers, so we have decided to share our two cents for ways to overcome this obstacle!

Keep in mind this is extremely relevant now with the initial spike in social media use (during COVID) that is now dropping due to consumers changing to another “new normal”. Be mindful of the changes they are going through as this will affect your content.

Get digging into your social media insights. 

First things first, let’s check under the hood to see what’s really going on. Look for engagement numbers and reach rates, have they changed? If so, this is an indicator that something needs to be changed. Now let’s look at your audience, on Facebook head to your insights and down to ‘people’ and there you go, your audience right there waiting for you! Make sure to take advantage of these stats and make changes where you need to.

Get creative. 

Sounds simple, but this is the time to try something new and mix up the content you are posting. Have a brainstorming session with your team to think ahead about what's coming up in the future, even run a relevant campaign that will look to broaden your audience. Keep in mind the “rule of thirds” -promote, share, and engage when sharing content as this will help keep it fresh and engaging.

Switch up your posting times.

Posting times that used to be popular for engagement have changed since COVID. This makes sense as fewer people have been commuting and some may have had a complete change in lifestyle. Psst, we recommend a 3pm - 4pm time slot during the week - it has been working wonders!  

Gone are the days of organic search. 

Posts without any promotion have drastically decreased in reach and engagement across all social media platforms. To have your post seen you are going to need to add some budget behind your posts especially on Facebook. Don’t worry, you can add as little as $10 a day and prioritise what posts you want to be seen if budget is tight. 

We are digital experts at working out what content will do well with your audience. Ready to work together? Get in touch with our team today.