Handy Hacks for working remotely

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Our handy hacks to keep us on track during this new way of working.


Here at PS, we are fortunate enough to be able to work 100% remotely during the nationwide lock down. For those of you who are also lucky enough to do so - below are 7 handy hacks that we are finding helpful to keep us motivated and on track during this new way of working. Check them out!

  1. Get changed out of your pajamas! You need to start the day off in a positive mindset - so chuck on some smart casual clothes. You never know when you might have to take a quick video call from your boss or client and you don’t want to get caught out!
  2. Set up a dedicated workspace with natural lighting (ideally not from the comfort of your bed - you’re not a cat!) and a good supportive chair! Your neck and back will love you for this.
  3. Secure a strong access to the internet so you can easily use all the programmes, platforms and applications required to do your job. If you plug into your modem or network, your internet will work faster. As a guide, Wifi can be approximately 3 x slower. So if you're having trouble on video calls try to use an ethernet cable. 
  4. Most of us are used to working in a shared work space with a bit of chatter. Listen to some chill music or put on a podcast, since working from home can sometimes be a little too quiet! This will help keep you on track and avoid daydreaming...
  5. Take scheduled breaks! Be sure to still have your normal work breaks and  try to get outside for some fresh air and much needed vitamin D. 15 minutes will do you (and your brain) wonders. 
  6. Overworking can be a real issue when working remotely, so clearly define what hours you’re meant to be working and stick to it.
  7. Lastly, keep connected and BE KIND! This can be a very lonely and scary time for many people so reach out to work colleagues, friends and family as much as you can - there are a lot of great tools that can help keep you connected such as FaceTime, Zoom & Google hangouts. We are used to spending most of our time in close proximity to our colleagues, so keep those communication lines open!

We're all in this together during this unsettling time, so please don't hesitate to pick up the phone (or arrange a video call) for a chat! We're a chatty bunch and we'd love to hear from you. 

Keep safe and be kind to everyone in your isolation bubble!