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With NZ in 'red light' covid restrictions, don’t pump the breaks on your marketing efforts, instead follow our top tips to help keep your brand cruising along during these uncertain times.


With the whole of New Zealand now in ‘Red Light’’ covid restrictions, it is more important than ever to continue to stay digitally connected with your customers and followers. Don’t pump the breaks on your marketing efforts, instead follow our top tips to help keep your brand cruising along during these uncertain times.

  • Deliver your events digitally. Venue limits, isolation requirements and personal covid risk levels will be variables you simply can’t control during Life at Red. If you are going ahead with an in-person event following government guidelines during this time, make sure to also consider whether you can provide an online option alongside this so your clients can choose which approach they are most comfortable with. Alternatively, consider whether a webinar or podcast could be a good way to get your message out there if an in-person event is no longer feasible. Digital canapes anyone?
  • Stay social. The number of social media users in New Zealand increased by 9.6% year-on-year in January 2022, rising to 4.35 million people (Source). That’s a whole lot of scrolling! Social media is the perfect tool to keep customers engaged with your brand in an increasingly digital world; so make sure you are regularly updating your chosen channels, promptly responding to any messages you receive, and trying to pre-empt any questions your customers may have during these uncertain times (Have your opening hours changed? Has your booking system changed? Does my dog need to wear a mask for their vet visit?).
  • Update your video visuals. With more meetings taking place online, now is a great time to spruce up your online meeting and presentation visuals. Consider rolling out a branded background your staff can use when working from home, position your PC camera facing away from your windows for the best lighting, and raise your camera up using books for the best angle - by placing your camera at eye-level you’re creating a better connection with your digital audience with the added benefit of ridding yourself of the dreaded double chin! 
  • Stay in the loop with LinkedIn. With many people keeping their in-person interactions to a minimum, LinkedIn is a great way to stay in touch with business connections. Make sure your profile is up-to-date and you’re regularly reaching out to connections to keep you and your business front of mind even when the flat whites aren’t flowing.

These are just a few tips to keep your digital marketing driving forward during this slightly unnerving time. We are here to help with anything discussed and much more! What are you waiting for? Put the marketing pedal to the metal and reach out today.