Get online!

The importance of social media for your business.

There is a lot of confusion around social media and whether or not it really works. I am a true believer that online advertising is the way of the future and is beneficial to all businesses.

Why should you use social media?

Check out the 5 reasons I believe your business should use social media.

Social media helps you deliver better customer service and manage your reputation. If you leave customer questions unanswered the customer feels ignored and it makes your business look unprofessional. It is really important that your customers can see that you are active on your chosen social networks. You must keep a close eye on customers questions and answer them promptly. Real-time communication makes the customer happy and will help keep the customer loyal to your brand.

Social media is one of the best ways to improve brand awareness. You can establish your brand by showing some personality and emotion to help stand out from your competitors.

Social media helps increase trust in your business. By remaining active on social media this will help drive repeat business and attract new customers. You need to show customers that you are always available to contact.

Social media is a great way of promoting your content. It helps increase awareness and exposure of each new blog article or news post that you have published and enables you to reach more customers while enhancing relationships with existing customers.

Social media will drive website traffic. Being active on social media will help increase the amount of traffic that your websites receives. The more active you are with social media the more attention your website will get.

Here are a couple of handy Facebook and LinkedIn starter tips:

‘Boost’ a post on Facebook
This is an easy way to target your post to different groups by specifying who you want the post to reach. The post will still reach your current followers but by boosting your post it will significantly increase its reach to new groups. To ‘boost’ your post you need to click on the ‘boost’ button at the bottom right of the post and then select your audience and budget. The minimum you can spend is $6 per day.

Create an ad on LinkedIn
If you want to raise brand awareness and build relationships on LinkedIn a great way to do this is by creating an ad. Select ‘business services’ on the top right of your LinkedIn page and click on ‘advertise.’ It will then prompt you through the steps to create an ad campaign and give you the opportunity to select your audience and budget. You can set a daily budget and pay by click or impressions.

The best part about advertising through both LinkedIn and Facebook is that you have total control over how much money you are willing to spend by setting a daily budget. You can also ‘turn off’ the promotions at any time which means you are in control.

Above is a snapshot of how social media can have an impact on your business. The key points to remember is that online advertising builds relationships, generates revenue, helps drive repeat business and attracts new customers.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of social media or would like to chat about creating an online campaign with us then please do not hesitate to me.