Big privacy update for Apple users

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What you need to know about Apple’s latest iOS 14.5 privacy update.


Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of talk around Apple’s latest iOS 14.5 privacy update and how iPhone users now have to give consent on whether they want to be tracked when they access apps on their phone. Apple has done this to give users a choice to protect their privacy and personal information. While we can understand the need for this new privacy update, this recent update may impact data tracking on your social media channels - in particular Facebook, therefore, slight adjustments to your Facebook business page will need to be made. Thankfully Facebook has made changes to the platform so it doesn’t impact your advertising too much and ensures your efforts are still effective!

Below are some recommended actions for your Facebook business page

Verify your domain with Facebook:

  • Verifying your domain will ensure the data received by your website pixels is accurately delivered to Facebook.
  • It enables advertisers to manage editing permissions on the ads in the future.

The verification will need to be implemented either through DNS verification, by uploading an HTML file or by adding a meta tag.  Please send us a message if you would like us to do this work for your business.


8 is the new lucky number for ‘Event’ conversion tracking:

Before this update there was no limit on the number of events (e.g add to cart, contact, subscribe etc) you could use. With the latest update, you now have to choose your businesses 8 key events to track conversions from Facebook to your website. We can configure these 8 conversion events in Events Manager fairly easily so please send us a message if you would like to work together to do this.

It's important to note that Facebook will initially configure the events that they believe are the most relevant to your business based on your activity - so there’s no need to stress at this stage.

We will continue to monitor the changes around the latest update and will keep our PS /friends updated with any changes and recommendations. Don’t forget this privacy update is only for iOS users and not Android! 

We are happy to answer any questions. Drop us a line here.