We're a Certified B Corp!

We're proud to announce, we're officially a certified B Corporation!


At PS/digital, we constantly push ourselves to do business in the right way - an intentional way that benefits both people and the planet. For us, the right way often wasn’t the easiest path, but it has meant we can look back on everything we’ve done and be proud of the decisions we made (even the ones that didn’t quite work out). 

18 months ago, after realising that our right way of business was the right way of business, we started on a journey to become a certified B Corp. We knew that this would mean every part of PS/digital would be examined under a microscope, to ensure we were meeting high standards of social and environmental performance. We also knew that if we made it, we’d be joining a community of global and kiwi businesses who care deeply about people, community and the environment. 

18 months later, we’ve done it. We’re officially B Corp certified!! For us though, B Corp is so much more than just a certificate. It’s an opportunity for us to showcase that businesses can, and should, be a force for good. 

Our clients can feel assured and confident that by choosing us as a supplier, our values align with theirs. Existing and future PS/ staff can come to work knowing exactly what kind of company we are, and can join in on our commitment to doing good. We deliver creative solutions for positive change, and we’ve nailed the right mix of getting stuff done and going beyond.

B Corp leads as a movement, so we’re proud as punch to start 2024 as a Certified B Corporation. We can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Take a look at our results from our B Corp assessment here.