Algorithms. The great unknown!

PS blogpost 09 19

Ever thought about how your social media platforms determine what you see first?

Do you ever think about how your social media platforms determine what you see first? Social media algorithms may seem complicated at first, but once you understand how they work your digital marketing efforts will sky rocket! 

What’s the big deal about algorithms? Well, much of the reason why algorithms are so controversial (and frustrating!) is because of their impact on reach - e.g how far will your content go and will it reach your desired audience? Let us explain... Social media algorithms sort posts in a users feed based on relevancy and what they believe you would like to see the most based on past interactions. The more authentic, frequent and personal your interactions are, the more likely these posts will feature on top of your targeted audience newsfeed. 

For marketing, the algorithm will push down your post if you link to an external site or use clickbait, so try to avoid this if possible! On Facebook if you use video, encourage longer comments and conversations and build an online community - the algorithm will favour you - YAY! LinkedIn will favour first and second degree connections, human and varied content. Following and actively using hashtags (#) on Instagram creates new ways to be seen and are algorithm-friendly!

Remember to ask questions, post at the optimum time for your business, start videoing and provide a mixture of real content! No matter how often you post, make sure you keep these tips in mind if you want to be seen by your fans and grow your online business! 

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