5 Reasons to use Hashtags

A powerful little symbol in the social media world. Learn why you should be using them.

I was recently perusing the ‘Wired’ magazine on my lunch break and came across a very interesting article on the ‘Oral history of the Hashtag’, commonly seen as a ‘#’ followed by a word or phrase. It made me think just how powerful this little symbol has been in the social media world for the last 10 years and how it has helped shape the digital age.

Hashtags are an effective way to communicate online and be found across social platforms relevant to your target audience. We see politicians using them around election time, news stations when a crisis occurs, iconic brands when a new line is launched etc. So how can the ‘#’ benefit your business you may ask?

Below are 5 tips on how the ‘#’ can promote your business and reach new & existing customers through social channels.


1) Specific audience targeting - Relevant hashtags will help get your business in front of your target market. E.g if you’re looking to market to cyclists then using a hashtag such as #bike will help get your business in front of people who are searching relevant words and phrases on social networks

2) Monitor your reputation - This is a great way to see (and keep an eye on!) what people are saying about your business. It helps you make valuable changes where necessary.

3) Can keep an eye on competitors - If you search for hashtags related to their business name, product or service you can see what customers are saying about your competitors business. This can shed quite a bit of light on things like how often they’re receiving complaints, how they’re responding to them, and how you can set yourself apart from them.

4) See what’s happening in your industry - Hashtags are a powerful way to keep track of what’s happening in your industry and for you to personally keep up to date on trends.

5) Promote special events, giveaways and deals - Using easy-to-remember and clever hashtags is an effective way to increase awareness and facilitate the sharing of events and competitions.


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